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Bronze Age The likelihood is that the area was settled from at least the Bronze Age, with memorial monuments spread across the elevated ground around Merthyr Tydfil.
Roman Occupation The Romans did not leave their mark on the site but there was certainly a Roman military presence in the area, probably focused on the fort at Pen-y-Darren (on the south-east side of Merthyr).
The Middle Ages A settlement is recorded in Methyr in the Middle Ages, but it had most probably declined and been abandoned by the 17th century, when the area is recorded as only containing shepherds.
The Age Of Dissent A feature of the pre-industrial landscape in the area is an historical association with early non-conformist Christianity, best exemplified by the remains of Cwm Glo Chapel found on the site.
The Industrial Revolution The 18th and 19th centuries represent a period of intense industrial activity in and around Merthyr, and it was the coal from this site that fueled that industry.
Ecology Much of Rhydycar West has a rich ecology, and parts of the site are noted in particular for their waxcap fungi, marshy grasslands and species such as marsh fritillary butterfly.
Heritage The evidence of Rhydycar West’s rich history is found across the site today from bridges to industrial chimneys and the Cwm Glo Chapel.
Today Developing ideas for a new era on the land.
Indoor Skate & Bike Park Pump tracks, jump lines and half pipes galore at the Uk's biggest indoor skate and bike park. Find Out More   
Accommodation Places to stay: Hotels and Spa - luxury and family destinations, log cabins - nestled in nature, glamping & yurts - camping in comfort. Find Out More   
Waterpark A huge indoor waterpark and adventure centre including surf simulator and water sports for everyone to enjoy. Find Out More   
Homes A new place to live - homes placed  in beautiful setting, close to town, the retail park, and a stone's throw from the exciting new sports & leisure destination. Find Out More   
Snow Centre The slope will be over 500 meters long, dwarfing all other UK centres. Beginners and future sports champions can learn alongside professionals in a facility modelled after successful indoor centres in Europe. Find Out More   
Outdoor Fun Great activities like ziplining, mountain coaster, airpark or equestrian centre as well as bike paths and nature trails to enjoy. Find Out More   



A new sports & leisure destination and neighbourhood.

In the valleys, between Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons, lie 575 acres of history, known as Rhydycar West. The area at its height was one of the largest mining operations in Wales. Since the mid-20th century, the land has remained untouched and there are emerging plans to restore and protect the long-forgotten land and create a sustainable economic base and future legacy for the South Wales Valleys.

We came to own the land a number of years ago, and since then we have taken time and care to understand the nature of the site and the direction and ambitions of the local area. 

Speaking with regional and national stakeholders as well as the local community, we have come up with some ideas for the land. Please let us know what you think.

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