Rhydycar West

The area at its height was one of the largest mining operations in Wales. Since the mid-20th century, the land has remained untouched and there are emerging plans to restore and protect the long-forgotten land and create a sustainable economic base and future legacy for the South Wales Valleys.

We came to own the land several years ago, and since then we have taken time and care to understand the nature of the site and the direction and ambitions of the local area. Speaking with regional and national stakeholders as well as the local community, we have come up with some ideas for the land. Please let us know what you think.

The Elements

So you can play in the snow, splish and splash in the water every day of the year – regardless of the weather.

Complementing other elements of the site that utilise the natural beauty and story of land alongside local sports offerings like BikePark Wales and Rock UK. Rhydycar West will provide the largest indoor sports and leisure facilities in the area, and we will undoubtedly become one of the premiere leisure destinations in the UK. For all year round. That's Rhydycar West!

Indoor Snow Centre

At over 400 metres long the scheme will host one largest indoor ski slopes in Europe and the World.

Using state of the art technology and the existing topography of the land the snow centre will operate 'all year round' providing amazing ski conditions for all seasons. The centre will be a game-changer for British Winter Sport and will become a centre of excellence for Britain's Olympic Ski Team. As the signature attraction this element will attract visitors from around the UK, Europe and beyond.

Indoor Tropical Water Park

One of the UK’s largest Water Parks will be part of the development plan. With a constant tropical climate, the Water Park will host artificial beaches, swimming and bathing area for all ages and levels. Not forgetting exciting water slides and attractions for all the family.


The resort will offer the following three distinct hotel wings to cater for different visitor preferences and budgets.

The Resort Wing - To include resort reception, conferencing, co-working and other guest facilities.

The Luxury Spa Wing - the perfect place to stay and relax whilst exploring the leisure facilities at Rhydycar West or the natural beauty of the nearby National Park.

The Sport & Value Wing - Providing value, comfort, and a more casual and relaxed offering. It'll be a great place to unwind from the activities and adventure and plan your next day.

Woodland Lodges - Individual and private lodges bring you closer to nature and woodland of the land. Ranging from value to premium luxury options.

Adventure Park

Complementing world class indoor sports centres will be an indoor and outdoor adventure park. The park will feature a mountain coaster, clip 'n' climb, zip wires and more adrenaline fun for all ages.

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