Understanding is believing! A Tour of Snow World, Landgraaf.

The idea of a resort with a World-class 400 metre indoor slope that includes a tropical water park, hotels, and adventure actives has captured many people's imagination. Especially in the South Wales Valleys, the proposed development destination at the gateway of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

It's been so inspiring to receive thousands of messages of support for our proposals, with an overwhelming 94% showing support for the project.

A reoccurring comment …

"is how can a snow centre be viable. Surely it needs a dense, close by population like those located in England?

Well, all the current UK Slopes are mainly single slopes only of 160 to 180 meters length and naturally operate in a smaller radius of customer demand, yet people will still travel 2 hours journey to get to these venues.

"Understanding is believing."

Understanding just how a 400-meter, multiple runs and freestyle park, viability is achieved is Vital. As a world-class facility and the UK's longest slopes, customer gravity is "all of the UK Europe and beyond" together with local and regional custom who clearly benefit from the facility.

And of significance ......

  • Be the UK National centre of excellence for Snowsport
  • Home for Team GB Snowsports
  • Home for Snow Sport Wales.
  • Put the UK on the International competition circuit.

Our point of reference and Video Tour below is ….

Those who've never visited a 400-metre snow centre or are only familiar with the smaller 160-180 metre slopes that we currently have in the UK.

Snow World Landgraaf is one of Europe's largest and multi-award-winning Snow centres, which our proposals emulate. Landgraf is, ironically a former Mining area that has transformed itself into one of Hollands most successful tourists' regions. (See our Blog).

Merthyr, in this respect, has a significant head start being strategically placed near one of the most breath-taking landscapes and adventure tourism locations in the UK.

This video tour will carefully guide you over 9 minutes to guide you through the facility's significant features and its scale compared to a typical 160 metre UK.

Our thanks for the assistance of a group of snowboarders from Vancouver, Canada, who has kindly allowed us to use their footage to capture a part of their experience of Snow World Landgraaf. A huge helping hand whilst the current COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from travelling and visiting the facility.