Rhydycar West Announces It Will Be Submitting The Planning Application This Summer

Following 5 years of careful consultations, considerations and discussions to see Merthyr Tydfil house a major leisure resort, the Planning Application for The Rhydycar West development will be submitted this summer.

The exciting project aims to bring the town a game-changing development involving a tropical indoor water park, luxury hotels and the UKs longest indoor snow centre comparable to the largest in Europe, alongside guest lodges, an adventure centre and the ever popular glamping experience.

Rhydycar West will continue to openly engage with the local community encouraging them to share their ideas, provide feedback and offer them the opportunity to find out more about this significant addition to the town and the valleys region. Marvel, the company behind the project, have invested heavily in the pre-planning, surveys and detailed studies of the land, along with its impact on the town and on its surrounding area.

Despite Covid-19 and the variety of lockdowns, significant progress has been made to ensure that 2021 brings some positive and exciting developments in the shape of the submission of the Planning Application. The final phases of the Planning Application work is now in full progress and proceeding at a pace. Since inception, the significant work undertaken has been financed and continues to be financed solely by Marvel (the company behind the project). This has been of particular importance to Marvel as a means as demonstrating its confidence in its proposals with the significant further commitment of their own funds.


Early concept sketches of Rhydycar West with exciting plans and visuals to be made available to the public before the planning application in June 2021.

A representative of Rhydycar West said, “Issues like ecology, and the highly important heritage and historic sites and features on the land have all been carefully considered. We hope the people of Merthyr will get involved, air their views and get behind us to bring this amazing opportunity to South Wales – to the Valleys in particular"

Due to current pandemic restrictions, a digital approach is being planned for the public consultation which will ensure accessibility is a priority. All members of the public are very welcome to engage with the consultation team. For a greater understanding of the Rhydycar West proposals visit www.rhydycarwest.com, make your voice heard with the 2 minute survey and be kept up to date with progress.

Lyn Williams, a local businessman who's responsible for managing the public consultation summed up the latest news "Coming out of the current pandemic, Rhydycar West could be the remedy to our struggling economy in Merthyr Tydfil, benefitting it massively in many different ways. This is a fantastic step forward for our town and we're excited to start an engaging process with local community and statutory consultees".

To keep up to date with upcoming information and progress about the consultation go to www.rhydycarwest.com or email lyn.williams@rhydycarwest.com.